Throw them hands up and show some love and I Welcome you to Detroit City I said welcome to Detroit City.”. ~Eminem



The rise and fall of the city of Detroit has been apparent in our history. It is a city full of nostalgia and even mystery. What makes Detroit? Is it the 886,675 people? Is it the food? The famous Motown sound? Or is it the places you go and memories you make? Detroit has one of the most recognizable skylines in the United States. Its architecture ranges from Gothic to Renaissance. History is in Detroit. Even buildings such as the Hudson building, that has been since demolished still holds lots of memories. There is a lot to do in Detroit. You can see the Diego Rivera Mural at the Detroit Institute of Arts, listen to a concert at Orchestra Hall, or root for our favorite baseball team, the Tigers, at Comerica Park. One of the most famous statues called “The Spirit of Detroit” says it all, we have spirit. Detroit has also held major events such as Superbowl XL and the baseball All Star game. Our English class at Wayne State University put together this website to give you a taste of Detroit. We want to show you the beauty that lies beyond the outskirts. We want to show you the real Detroit.